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Edmund de Waal talking about his book 'The Hare With Amber Eyes' and the story of his family and the netsuke, 2013.

History of Netsuke at the British Museum, 2014.

About the making of Japanese lacquer part 1, by the Asian Art Museum, 2009.

The making of lacquer part 2, by the Asian Art Museum, 2009.

Showing how lacquer artists work to create the beautiful decoration, 'Makie' - the sprinkling technique, 2011.

About pearl carving and inlays - Shibayama technique, but in this example it is Korean, by the Victoria & Albert Museum, 2015.

About the president of The International Chinese Snuff Bottle Society and Inside painted bottles.  In both Chinese and English, 2013.

The Joe Grimberg Collection of Snuff Bottles, by Sotheby's, 2010.

The Ruth and Carl Barron Collection of Glass Snuff Bottles by Christies, 2015.

Snuff Bottles and Jade at Bonhams Auction in 2014.

Collector Vince Fausone, Jr. discusses snuff bottles in the Asian Art Museum's collection, 2016.

Buying the Raw Jade, about the most expensive coloured gem in the world, 2016.

The 10 most expensive gemstones in the world, 2016.

British Pathe Film about the Ivory and Jade Collection of Betty and George Cohen issued 17th December 1956




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