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'The Cohen Collection' and 'In Search of Netsuke & Inro'

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All of The Signatures and Schools Included

Quotes by Neil K. Davey, Robert Hall, Richard Marchant, Clare Chu and Michael Dean.

'The Cohen Collection' and 'In Search of Netsuke & Inro'

Articles for new collectors


Referring to Snuff bottles

Magical stone pictures  How to avoid mistakes buying snuff bottles & the use of flaws to create pictures.

Sensations in glass 
All about how to assess the different types of glass snuff bottles.

Collecting & Bribery 
The largest collection in China formed with bribes and tips on what to look out for.

Heavy stones that really float!   
How antique jade, quartz and other heavy stones really can float in water.

Collecting only unique Chinese antiques
Describes various advantages in buying only the finest antiques. 

Amazing pictures from flaws in stones! 
How natural inclusions were formed in to pictures on stone snuff bottles.

Inside Painted Chinese Snuff Bottles  Describes what aspects of inside painted snuff bottles intrigue the author most.

Referring to Japanese Lacquer and Netsuke

Sprinkled Pictures  All about lacquer and how pictures were formed by sprinkling rather than with a brush.

The fascination of inro & boxes 
What inro are (how worn), about the artists and choice of subject matter.

Netsuke, ojime & inro really belong together  Why they belong together although often collected separately.

Keeping and handling Japanese inro   How to avoid the most common ways of damaging lacquer.

Netsuke cord holes (himotoshi)
  About inspecting and recognising antique netsuke by the cord holes.

Published in 'EuroNetsuke' Edition 62, 
'Buying Antiques at Auction or from Dealers?' Page 53.

Referring to Asian Antiques

Chains Carved Out of a Single Piece of Jade Rock - Jade Chain Vases  About the incredible skills in carving Chinese jade vases with covers connected by a chain, where everything has been carved out of just one stone! 

Some of the Wealthiest Chinese are Now Investing in 18th Century Jade! Jade prices have broken records because of investors in 18th Century Jade.  

Articles about collecting Asian antiques  Invaluable information by John N. Cohen.

Collecting and buying values
Describes how, why, and what to collect and how John related values.

Buying antiques in auctions or from dealers  
Guidance and tips on buying antiques from dealers, or in auction.

Finding the best bargains of all can be so surprising! 
The most expensive antiques became the best bargains!

Asian antiques and the economic crisis  Why Asian antiques are still breaking records.

The Cohen Collection

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