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"Personally, I experience the greatest degree of pleasure in having contact with works of art.

They furnish me with happy feelings of an intensity such as I cannot derive from other realms."  

Albert Einstein


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The Cohen Collection

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Presenting Two Fine Reference Works for Asian Antique Collectors



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The Cohen Collection

Asian Antiques

The Cohen Collection of Fine Antique Japanese Netsuke, Inro, Ojime and Lacquer works of art. Also Chinese Snuff Bottles, Pendants and Jade Carvings.



57 Netsuke, 62 Inro and lacquer works of art plus 3 Ivory carvings.

82 Snuff bottles, 74 Pendants, 25 Jade and hard stone carvings.

Including close-ups of signatures and seals, plus detailed descriptions
with interesting, and important, new reference notes
by the world's leading experts.

All fully described


ISBN 0 9539341 0 1

Netsuke, inro, ojime, lacquer works of art, snuff bottles, pendants, jade and ivory carvings.

Read the "Quotes" by Neil K. Davey, Robert Hall, Richard Marchant, Clare Chu (Clare Lawrence) and Michael Dean.

First published as an interactive, reference catalogue, of an exceptionally fine collection on a CD-Rom.  But as the CD-Rom will no longer work with the latest Windows - This reference work is now available here.


In addition to 'The Cohen Collection' the out of print book below is included too!

 'In Search of Netsuke and Inro' by George Cohen. Published by John Neville Cohen


In Search of Netsuke & Inro
George A Cohen

With a Forward by Douglas J. K. Wright

An important private collection consisting of 280 selected netsuke in ivory and wood together with 76 choice inro all complete with ojime and netsuke - as well as several fine lacquer boxes, are all individually described.

The connoisseur will appreciate the excellent work of several 18th century master carvers as well as that of more recent artists.

This book differs from most other studies, as it is not purely technical, although it contains useful and practical information.

In the hope of attracting new enthusiasts the author has written an entertaining account of his personal experiences in forming this collection, relating many amusing incidents as well as describing the pleasure and satisfaction to be enjoyed by those who collect these elusive miniatures of Japanese art.

This rare book (now out of print) was published in the UK by 'The Jacey Group of Companies' in 1974.  ISBN 9780950410500

This complete reference work is now available here.


Everything in this website is copyright and nothing can be reproduced, or published
without permission in writing from John Neville Cohen.

Email direct to John Neville Cohen



Both of these publications are valuable and beautiful reference works for the serious antique collector and for a small fee of just 25 Euros you can have unlimited access to them both.

For Unlimited Access

John Neville Cohen


To see over 645 colour photos, with the descriptions, in



280 netsuke plus 76 Inro in 32 colour plates with the descriptions in


You will then be able to see and read, whenever you like, 720 pages!

Unlimited use, but I am not responsible for Internet, or computer problems that are beyond my control.

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Articles for New Collectors
Invaluable help for collectors of Asian antiques. How to buy and avoid the most common mistakes, when buying antiques, particularly netsuke, inro, snuff bottles and jade. (Author John Neville Cohen) 

The Cohen Collection 
of Asian antiques (645 colour photos of fine Japanese and Chinese antique; netsuke, inro, ojime, snuff bottles, pendants & jade carvings) all fully described by renowned experts Neil K. Davey + Robert Hall. An essential reference work for the serious collector that is beautiful and very easy to use.

Joseph Cohen & The History of Jacey Cinemas Ltd  
Information on our family business created by my Grandfather Joseph Cohen.

British Classic Jensen Cars  
(Author John Neville Cohen) Very informative about the rare British Jensen 541S & CV8 sports cars, particularly about the little known superb Jensen 541S manual drive, a classic car with lots of photos.

Copyright Free or Royalty Free Stock Photographs
These are very low cost 18MB  photographs that will not date!

A Free 'Special Effects' Photography Course
Amazing to see what can be done without any expensive equipment, computer, or darkroom, all achieved with a projector - the magical magic lantern.  All details of this extraordinary technique are clearly explained.  (Author John Neville Cohen) 

Poetic Portfolio 
Fascinating photographic exhibition of 'The Magic Lantern' award winning 'special effect' photographs by John Neville Cohen.

La Alcazaba Apartment in Puerto Banus For Sale
Outstanding 3 double bedroom apartment, all on one level, for sale at La Alcazaba, Puerto Banus, Marbella, Spain

Investment Opportunities 
Opportunities and property.

Commercial Photography 
Professional photography and graphic design by Actuality photodigital.

Postage Stamps For Little People 
to see all the pages and paintings for a unique way of collecting stamps.

The Planning & Paintings for The Album 
Shows the first sketches and paintings and an amusing letter.

Marilyn Monroe, Sir Michael Balcon, Arthur Miller, Cecil Day-Lewis, Daniel Day- Lewis
The not so distant famous relatives of the Bind side of our family.

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